One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. These words, uttered by Neil Armstrong, first man on the Moon, are so well known I needn’t have mentioned who said them just then. What does need saying though is that these words apply not just to mankind sending someone to another celestial body but also to science as a whole.

Our scientific knowledge is built, one small block at a time, to gradually form our overall picture of ourselves and the universe we live within. While a lot of scientific media will focus on the larger discoveries, these have generally only been possible thanks to the work of countless others that came before them.

This blog aims to fill those prior gaps, showcasing research done by Australian scientists which may not reach the mainstream scientific media but which is nonetheless crucial for our ever-expanding quest for knowledge. Along the way, I hope you discover that these smaller steps can be as exciting as the headline-grabbing discoveries seen elsewhere.

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My name is Miklos Bolza, journalist, writer, and science enthusiast. I completed a bachelor of science (honours) at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and eventually found my way into journalism. Now, I’ve combined these two aspects of my life within this blog in order to share my love of science and the profound effects it has on the world by interviewing some of our top homegrown scientists and seeing how they are doing their best to change our view of the world.

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